Spoken Word: Howl [12 July 2017]

Tuesday, 10th October 2017

I must start with complete honesty. I missed the first act of the spoken word night Howl because I had been enjoying a gin and elderflower in the fabulous garden created by fellow B13 writer Tessa Lowe. On a balmy July evening it was a battle to surrender to the darkest recesses of my beloved Dark Horse. To be honest, I was overwhelmed with a sense... (cont'd)

Meet the Manager

Saturday, 30th September 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting Store Manager Andrew Bloor a week before the long-awaited official opening of Marks & Spencer on Wed 27th September.... (cont'd)

Jeremy Hunt: Myrtle Cottage Renaissance Garden

Sunday, 24th September 2017

Jeremy Hunt is quite the Renaissance Man. It is not surprising that he has chosen to create a beautiful Renaissance Garden in the English style of Ger... (cont'd)

Solar Village

Saturday, 23rd September 2017

At the roasting start of July two Community Energy Birmingham directors, John Newson and Claire Spencer, led a walk to visit some community buildings ... (cont'd)

The Lane: A short history of Ladypool Road

Friday, 22nd September 2017

I’ve always been fascinated by Ladypool Road: a street alive to the rhythm of life and death, one of those busy streets day and night, where fortune... (cont'd)