The Hyperreal Fiction of Majid Salim

Friday, 21st April 2017

Majid Salim is the author of four novels, with an international readership. The titles – The Tides of Reality, 2015; The Eye of Control, 2015; The Gravity Well, 2016; and The Ascending Stairway, 2017 – suggest sci-fi adventure thrillers, but they have a distinct voice that morphs between literary genres – supernatural, mystery, espionage, thr... (cont'd)

Launch of Moseley & Kings Heath Car Club

Sunday, 9th April 2017

Live in Moseley but don’t want to pay out loads for a car? Like driving new cars but can’t afford one? Believe we should start to ‘share cars... (cont'd)

A Moseley Garden (April 2017)

Saturday, 8th April 2017

No excuses now Moseley gardening folk, it really is time to tend to your gardens. I am appealing to those ‘part time’ summer gardeners, knowing fu... (cont'd)

A Moseley Artist: Naziah Angel

Monday, 3rd April 2017

Naziah Angel is a fascinating young professional artist, creating an innovative new style of “Terracosmic” art. Self-employed under the name of... (cont'd)

Moseley Beer Company

Sunday, 2nd April 2017

The Moseley Beer Company proudly proclaim that their quality craft ale is brewed and bottled in the finest suburb in the whole of South Birmingham, so... (cont'd)