New in Town…goes to Moseley Farmers’ Market

Friday, 27th June 2014

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Moseley Farmers’ Market
Moseley Farmers’ Market

I stated in last months edition that spring is the season that can symbolise potential and fresh starts. The daffodils are out so make some plans and start living. When I visited the Moseley Farmers Market I saw the village budding with the excitement and possibilities of spring.

It was not my first time at a market though. I have even worked at another market. You may know it, the St. Criox Falls Market in Wisconsin. No? Please pop in if you’re ever over. I’ve worked on a farm out there and helped my friends sell produce on a Saturday morning. Both markets are equally brilliant for the following reasons: they sell local produce to local people, they engender a stronger relationship with what we eat, they encourage the open exchange of ideas for everything from business plans to squash recipes, they give a chance to entrepreneurs, and they sell really good food.

One thing that really impressed me in Moseley is the sheer size of the market. I mean, you guys take over the village. It’s thriving, alive and fantastic. The market has a great melting pot feel to it and the sense of community is so strong you can reach out and touch it. People really want to shop there. You don’t get that in supermarkets. Shopping in the ‘orange shop’ or the ‘green shop’, as my six year old godson calls them, is something that needs to be done. Shopping at a market is something that is as fun as it is fulfilling. We should be very grateful for what we have.

So remember folks, come out for the market on the last Saturday of the month. Not just to support a wonderful local enterprise but to be a part of it. Sadly I’m missing the next one and I put the emphasis on miss. Long live the market!

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