Fat Penguin comedy at The Patrick Kavanagh’s

Tuesday, 28th October 2014

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After a swift drink at O’Neills, my friend and I ventured up to The Patrick Cavanagh’s, wondering, as it was the first Fat Penguin comedy night we’d been to, what was in store for us in the upstairs bar of the pub.

It’s a smallish venue but the atmosphere was fun and with music from Dizzee Rascal, Arctic Monkeys and The Who filling the air, there was a typical Pat Cavs feel about the night. The show started a bit later than planned, but as I didn’t have work the next day it meant more time to have a chinwag with friends and sink another glass of wine before compére, Jay Handley, took to the stage.

He’s a confident comedian, who’s a full time carpenter. Pretty fitting, he mused, that he looked like Jesus.

The comedy night’s been running for three years at the venue, with Jay taking over the reins for the past year.  It’s a free night but donations are welcome in order to entice bigger names to the venue. May’s event saw Chris Chipping, Katie Truelove, Jay Hampson and Simon Munnery (headline) take to the stage and I was more than happy to chuck in a fiver (as did most of the audience) for their impressive routines.

I caught up with Jay later; he told his secret for booking great acts; “As a stand up comedian, I do the circuit and get to see new and upcoming acts, which is great as I can cherry pick the best comedians. If I see them doing well I think OK, they can play at my gig. It’s better than going into it cold, like other bookers.”

It’s obviously going to plan; the headline act booked for this month’s gig is the Canadian, Tom Stade, who’s recently performed at The Apollo in London. The event is held on the last Wednesday of every month, and what’s better than a midweek glass of wine and some laughs?