Elections 2015 – Conservative: Owen Williams

Friday, 1st May 2015


“My main priority if I were to be elected to represent Moseley would be to harness the fantastic spirit of community engagement already so strong in the local area. Moseley is fortunate to play host to a number of groups passionate about their community and working hard for local residents, and I believe that no one could know better how to protect and improve Moseley than local people. By engaging with local businesses, groups and residents, important local issues can be properly represented and Moseley can gain a louder voice.

I would also work hard to protect Moseley from unfair council decisions at every level. Areas like Moseley are often disproportionately affected by cutbacks made by the City Council, while other areas of the city are left untouched. I believe this is wrong, and I would fight to ensure the council manages its budget responsibly to protect our public services and prevent unnecessary council tax rises, as well as ensuring Moseley residents are not forced to bear the weight of council cost-saving.

Only by truly listening to local residents and standing up for our community, our beautiful and vibrant neighbourhood can grow and thrive in the years to come.”