Elections 2015 – Green: Ellie Stanton

Friday, 1st May 2015

Elly Stanton
Elly Stanton

“Moseley has recently been called one of the best urban areas to live in Britain and I expect its popularity will increase further over the next few years. It is primarily a residential area and the village centre should reflect this with shops which cater for people’s daily needs.

The main primary schools all have waiting lists and should be offered more resources to take more pupils when possible. The Meteor Ford site should be utilised for Birmingham Citizens most urgent needs i.e. affordable housing.

People should be encouraged to use public transport where possible and, if the A435 into the city is getting too congested, then we should be talking about re-opening the railway station. Adding a franchise for a private bus company does absolutely nothing to reduce journey times and in any case people are voting with their feet and not using it. More cycle lanes are needed.

I am in awe of Moseley Baths and I think that school kids who swim there think it is an amazing building. It should be used and if maintaining as a swimming pool is too expensive then it should be put to some other communal use”.