Elections 2015 – Labour: Martin Straker Wells

Friday, 1st May 2015

Martin Straker-Welds
Martin Straker-Welds

“I consider myself fortunate to represent a ward where residents care so much about their neighbourhood, their environment and their community.

I am keen to promote a sustainable future for our ward, alongside organisations concerned with the generation of a healthy environment, the reduction of carbon emissions and pollution on our streets. My commitments?

•    I will continue to encourage residents, shopkeepers and schools  to take pride in their communities and work together for a cleaner, greener and safer Moseley & Kings Heath
•    I want to schools and colleges to work with other agencies to enrich children’s experiences and their involvement in the local residential, scientific, technological and commercial communities as willing partners
•    I want to make sure that city resources come closer to the communities they serve, by organising street and community conferences to pick up on aspects of community safety, health and education
•    I will support constructive partnerships with the local business community to encourage apprenticeships for young people, to promote creative industries in our ward”.