Elections 2015 – UKIP: Rashpal Mondair

Friday, 1st May 2015

Rashpal Mondair
Rashpal Mondair

If elected I would like to encourage and foster in people more pride in the area. We can all name specific problems with litter or crime and there are things that can be done individually for these, but the basis of community is pride, and only when you have a strong community do a lot of the problems self-correct themselves. Some of this comes from encouragement in education and learning of the Moseley and Kings Heath area and its history. I would like to encourage the younger generations to be more involved in sporting and cultural events.

Moseley and Kings Heath have the usual problems for example litter accumulation, rubbish left near churches and dog fowling. These all have to be addressed by civic engagement as above but also with better community policing and signs.

Moseley has specific problems, for example antisocial behaviour fuelled by alcohol. We need communities to work together with publicans and the police.

Crime and antisocial behaviour on buses is a city wide issue but we can do our bit by working with bus services and the police to take a more proactive role in the prosecution of offenders. I would also like to address shop crime and the sale and handling of goods around pawn shops. To let crime and antisocial behaviour go unchallenged destroys communities by driving away business and creating fear especially amongst the elderly.