May 2015: Police Update

Saturday, 26th September 2015

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May 2015: Police Update
May 2015: Police Update

I am pleased to say that from April 2014-April 2015, crime figures for Moseley and Kings Heath showed a reduction of 6.8% compared to the previous year.  This is a significant reduction and we are up for the challenge of reducing crime again this year, with the help of our specials, volunteer organisations, community members, businesses and partners.  Thank you for helping us achieve this excellent reduction in crime in your area.

•    We’ve had a spate of vehicle crime since our last update, which the team is focusing on.  Several vehicles had windows smashed and items on display stolen. These incidents happened mostly overnight in the central Moseley area.

Roads targeted were: St Agnes Road, Oxford Road (Ipod stolen), Avon Drive, Woodbridge Road (Sat nav stolen), Billesley Pub (vehicle parts stolen), Alcester Road, Moseley (Moped stolen), Church Road (wallet stolen), Oxford Road (Golf Clubs stolen), Alcester Road (wing mirrors stolen), Gaddesby Road (number plates stolen), Salisbury Road (Sat Nav on view stolen), Moor Green Lane (Sat Nav on view stolen) and Dyott Road (bag on view stolen), St Agnes Road (Ipod & Sat Nav), the MAC (moped stolen), Greggs bakery (delivery van broken into), Billesley Lane (number plates), Springfield Road (number plates), Grove Ave (car theft).
Clearly the message here is: please do not leave valuables on view in your car overnight or even for a few seconds.  That is all the time an opportunistic thief needs.

We are working to identify the offender(s). If you witnessed any of the incidents or have information that could help, please call us on 101.

•    There was a theft at the MAC, Cannon Hill Park where a purse was stolen from the top of a handbag. A pickpocket stole a phone from a cardigan pocket in Moseley.  We’ve had no further reports of phones being stolen from cafes but please remain vigilant and keep your valuables locked/hidden safely away when out and about.

•    Warmer weather always means a slight shift in our crime and anti-social behaviour patterns and local events.  The team is working on several reports of anti-social behaviour in the Middleton Road/Albert Road area.  At this time of year, youths can congregate and cause problems.  We’re increasing patrols, engaging with local youths, working with partners and reassuring local residents.

•    The warmer weather also historically brings an increase in street drinking and begging.  As well as enforcing offences, we work with partners to support and help these individuals move on from this lifestyle.  A very prolific Moseley beggar has been served with a summons to appear in court for a hearing linked to his behaviour.  We are also considering civil injunctions as another option to address the matter.  We continue to work with Birmingham Community Safer Partnership to build evidence for a Public Space Protection Order in Moseley.

•    There have been seven house burglaries since our last update. In Chantry Road a car was stolen. Three people have been arrested. In Springfield and Woodville Roads entry was gained via an insecure ground floor window. In Leighton Road a rear window was forced and in Farquhar Road an attempt was made to force the rear door. There were two further break-ins at houses in Tudor Road and St Mary’s Row.

We are continuing enquiries and checking second hand outlets/websites to locate the stolen goods.

Please continue to reassess the security of your garden and rear of the house – are windows and gates locked? Could you cut bushes or trees back or introduce security lights? How easy is it to access your garden?  Could you work with your neighbours to improve security on your road? Have a look at our safer homes website for more ideas:

•    It’s important to remember that there are confident criminals – often, young males – who specialise in distraction crime. Pubs and cafes, offer fertile ground. Victims are asked for small amounts of money and while they are busy finding change, the criminal steals their phone from the table.  There have been three incidents of this type since our last update. I would urge you to spread the word not to leave mobile phones on tables and be aware of these tricksters.

•    Another reported tactic is: a couple of men ask members of the public for change of a £2 coin and then create confusion by saying it was £5 and stealing money.  The simple advice is just say, ‘No’! Don’t engage in conversation with beggars or people asking for change/money and they will move on and hopefully out of the area or even better, change their ways…

•    As has been well advertised we are recruiting 450 new police officers in stages over the next few years.  Recruitment for the next wave of officers is now open. If you or a family member is interested, here is a link to the vacancies page on our website with more information: You may meet PC Gwynne, our latest recruit who is learning about neighbourhood policing with our team during her training phase.