Re-opening of Moseley Railway Station

Wednesday, 30th September 2015

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Where the new Moseley station would be – The cutting between Woodbridge Road and St Marys Row
Where the new Moseley station would be – The cutting between Woodbridge Road and St Marys Row

It has been a long ongoing dream of Moseleyites for Moseley railway station to re-open. Thanks to the forthcoming High Speed 2 (HS2), that dream maybe about to happen.

To provide some background, Moseley railway station closed in 1941 and never re-opened. Competition from rubber wheeled buses along the Alcester Road meant a railway service here was no longer financially viable. The key issue was that the rail service along this railway line – called the Camp Hill line – took a torturous route up to Nechells and back down into the overcrowded New Street station. Catching the number 50 bus provided a far quicker and more regular service.

This Gordian Knot was untangled in 2004, when the then Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition running Birmingham proposed the creation of two railway chords at Camp Hill. This meant that any railway service from Moseley would run into Moor Street station: a 5 minute railway journey. The major part of the argument for these two chords was that it meant that train services could be moved from the over-crowded New Street station and into the under-used Moor Street station.

This proposal has now gathered momentum thanks to HS2.

Network Rail are currently preparing a report, due to be published later this year, on how the HS2 terminal next to Moor Street station could be better connected to local rail services. We know that one of their recommendations will be the creation of the two chords at Camp Hill.

The next issue will be the funding for the two chords – total cost £150m. This money will not come from the HS2 project, but it is believed that bids will be made to several sources including Network Rails five-year capital projects fund.

It is entirely possible that Moseley could have its station re-opened by 2026. The station would be in the cutting between Woodbridge Road and St Marys Row, with entrances on both roads.

What this does show is that with the same forward thinking shown in 2004, great things can happen to our area.