Keith’s Column: Moseley needs more CSR

Saturday, 3rd October 2015

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Summer is here and we have just enjoyed two of the highlights of the Moseley Summer Season. What a cracking month July was! All this culture, and all on our doorstep. No wonder The Guardian and The Telegraph keep talking about the place; bringing in the visitors and pushing up house prices. Who needs HS2?

CSR then. What is it you may ask?

Don’t let TV fans confuse you: there’s CSI Miami and CSI Las Vegas but there’s no CSI Moseley yet, despite the returning street drinkers.

If you swap I for R, there are two versions of this particular acronym. One is spot on for Moseley as its all about culture, art and putting the creativity back into the community. This is Community Social Responsibility. It is very relevant as we need to ask ourselves do our community organisations do enough to support, encourage, replenish and enhance the rich and diverse contemporary cultural heritage Moseley enjoys.

Perhaps our good burghers are too busy enjoying the boost in house prices that this cultural richness has created to worry about how we sustain it?

The other use of the acronym is Corporate Social Responsibility. This is about making massive global corporations like Shell and Nike become better citizens.

OK I confess I have oversimplified things and been a little mischievous here. Why?

Last week we welcomed visitors from across the City, the region and nationally to the Prince and the Dark Horse. Along with hundreds of locals we all enjoyed Moselele, Moseley’s Got Talent and Public Enemy. In the Park, on the streets and in our Beer Garden, it was a great start to July. It was a massive boost to our local economy and the pay packets of our staff.

It was only marred by a thread of emails from a number of Moseley residents complaining about the festivals. The issue of CSR must be discussed at the next Moseley Forum meeting they demanded. The organisers must be taken to task about a whole string of issues.

Corporate Social Responsibility … these events are not organised by massive corporations. They are organised by local people who do care about Moseley and do take their responsibilities seriously. Anyone decent who organises an event knows they need to look after all stakeholders. These guys do. The funding they provide to the park is vital. I am sure they are not perfect but I am also sure they are willing to listen and eager to improve.

The hike in house prices homeowners are already enjoying is not free. It comes at a cost – the occasional inconvenience of events and culture activities.

So I am looking forward to Moseley Folk. The Monkees, here in Moseley! Fantastic. I wonder what’s on in Bournville?

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