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Tuesday, 8th December 2015

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One Trick Pony
One Trick Pony

I’ve taken part in a number of pub quizzes so I know a few golden rules. Top of the list is that for every additional team member your chance of winning increases. Despite sizeable recruitment efforts my team numbered just three as we entered the One Trick Pony Club’s Wednesday night quiz.

We arrived early and this gave us time to talk. It also gave our North American specialist time to eat some wings. For interested parties, he claims their wings to be “the hottest in Moseley”.

The quiz is two pounds per person and starts at eight, well a little later but this is part and parcel of quizzes. In fact with a quiz you are never sure it will start until it starts. What makes the One Trick quiz different is it is by quiz standards quick, at four rounds in two hours. Honestly, I’ve been at quizzes for hours so leaving at half ten with time left before bed was a welcome change. Importantly it’s also a really good quiz. Two general knowledge rounds, a tin foil round (more on this later) and a music round.

The general knowledge was a genuine mix and gave everyone a fair shout. Let me share some things we learnt from our efforts. Which brothers invented the ball point pen? The Biro brothers. What year did the Beatles play together for the last time? 1966. We don’t usually have facts in this do we?  Something else quizzes offer is the chance to say, ‘Hey did you know…?’

One of my favourite moments was team mate Laura getting the next few lines of Dolly Parton’s 9-5 perfectly. Quizzes give you moments to pull something remarkable out from the recesses, give you a little swell of pride and get nods of approval from teammates. In the tin foil round we had to create something with one sheet of foil with a bake-off theme. Thanks to Laura’s inside knowledge, i.e. she had seen it, we not only presented a two tier cake, with lattice finish and sugar craft roses but Laura sold it to the quiz master like Mary Berry high on muffins.

In the music round we struggled to get the artist and title, with each clip being tantalisingly too short. Overall we came fifth, which with just three people was great.  A pub quiz is a fine thing, a wholesome evening, a little challenge, slice of competition and all for a few quid.