The door to democracy is open

Friday, 11th December 2015

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Luke Holland
Luke Holland

The equipment is there… as an 18 year old living in Birmingham I work tirelessly to ensure the voices and opinions of those within the Moseley and Kings Heath are heard. This year I was the youngest candidate to run in the local elections within the UK, and I continue to get involved with the political sphere in numerous ways.


For me getting involved with politics has led to so many incredible opportunities, allowing me to develop my skills, network with local and national politicians and, most importantly, represent those within Birmingham. I love having the space to make sure young people have their voice heard; I don’t just represent young people I represent those across Birmingham who come from a multitude of different backgrounds.


For me I think it’s so important not to sit on the side lines and watch others work toward a goal that I don’t agree with. Politics to me is making sure the things that I feel strongly about actually happen. I’ve come to realise that I am in a really unique position where I am able to speak honestly and transform things locally, and at times, further afield.


Engaging with politics isn’t as scary as you’d think; the opportunities and environments I’ve been exposed to have allowed me to develop both personally and professionally.

I’ve learnt that you don’t necessarily need to an in-depth knowledge or background of politics; you have to have a voice, a passion and an opportunity.


The door to democracy is open for young people; it is now down to politicians and decision makers to make them feel welcome


Young people can change their city and their country, they have that power. Locally in Moseley we have the Moseley Forum where young people can attend and put forward ideas. Birmingham City Council also hosts numerous events engaging young people.  I am organising a #JustTalk soon which will give young people the opportunity to scrutinise their elected representatives.
Luke Holland