New in Town Goes Out of Town

Saturday, 6th August 2016

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British Oak
British Oak

It is beyond all reasonable doubt that our Prince of Wales is a Moseley institution. I mention Moseley to someone and they know it, they’ve probably had a drink there at some point.


The couple behind it are equally important to Moseley so it’s significant if they venture outside our boundaries with a new venture.  Some of you will know and may have been to The British Oak in Stirchley since Keith and Dianne took over. I can now report on this from beyond Moseley lines.


Firstly, having not been in the premises before, it surprised me and my little contingent just how big it is. Whilst the Prince has a Tardis-like-effect for the uninitiated, The British Oak surpasses this.


Secondly, it is in a period of transformation. As I write, old pub furniture can be bought at the same time your order spicy pork scratchings and a pint of ale, whilst the smell of wet paint grabs you as you do so. They are changing the place and exactly what it will feel like in twelve months I can’t yet tell but I know they have big plans and I look forwards to watching it develop.


Thirdly, the feel is that at the same time it is a proper pub like the Prince, it will also, quite literally, serve all. With a good bar menu, proper Sunday roasts, cocktails, ales, lagers, outdoor marquee for the football, a microbrewery planned and space for the whole family I think The British Oak will make friends new and old.


If the publicans of the Prince can expand their empire outside of Moseley and deliver a good pub to a new area, I think it’s to be applauded but I have to confess that the night I visited their new pub was also the first night it became my new local. My column title ‘New in Town’ had after two years already got holes in it but I always felt these things are relative and within the magazine I was still a newcomer. However, now I wake up in B29 rather than B13 perhaps I am not only not ‘new’ but I am also not ‘in town’ so maybe it’s time to say so long and thanks for all the fish. I am enormously appreciative of what Moseley and this magazine have given me, thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my adventures, I hope to see you again for one-off features in the future.