The Story of Peter Pendragon: Chapter One: A Knight Out

Thursday, 11th August 2016

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Cameron Moon & Adaya Monique Henry
Cameron Moon & Adaya Monique Henry

The final scene for the Independent feature film ‘The Story of Peter Pendragon: Chapter One: A Knight Out’ was filmed recently at the Damascena Coffee House, in the leafy suburb of Moseley, which doubled as the ‘Café Wisteria’.

Director/producer Colin Cooper has cleverly  adapted the first chapter of ‘The Diary of a Drug Fiend’ by Aleister Crowley with the intention of shooting it and presenting it to the festival circuit, initially as a short but with the right backing the possibility of developing it into a feature. With a background in stage and screen Colin felt the rich tapestry presented by the book would make for an excellent feature.

The short film, a production of 6’o’ Studios founded by Colin Cooper, Gill Goodwin and Cameron Moon required a grandiose setting in the 1920s and what could have been more suitable than the Damascena Coffee House courtyard which lends itself perfectly to the 1920s. The owners of Damascena were very supportive giving us full access to the courtyard during our shoot. Beautiful costumes and head pieces were provided by Birmingham based artist Elizabeth Lenore (, who specializes in creating beautiful and decadent head pieces inspired by the 1920s, and also the lovely folks at

Production designer Gill perfectly replicated the 1920s surroundings with the use of fabrics, lamps, and strategically placed coffee/tea sets to complement the startling costumes, in what promises to be a very sumptuous scene.

Producer/ actor Cameron Moon, a Moseley resident also co-stars in the film as the sinister King Lamus, alongside Zak Marsh as the title character and Adaya Monique Henry as leading lady Lou. Cameron says, ‘we really want to show what we’re capable of as filmmakers working on a zero budget! This is the first of two shorts we’re aiming to complete this year in order to finance the full length feature ‘The Dark Reflection of Dorian Gray’, some of which we’ve already shot’.

‘We at 6’o’s Studios are determined to use as much local talent and locations as possible. As a producer this meant calling on a lot of friends (both actors and non-actors) to get involved. The enthusiasm from everyone so far has been astounding and everyone really enjoyed not only the shoot, but the food Damascena provided for us afterwards.  The shoot went really well, and we pride ourselves on being a professional unit. As there are only the three of us, myself, Colin & Gill who run 6 ‘o’s studios it does involve a lot of multi-tasking and can be quite challenging at times but the results have been remarkable as I’m sure the audience will soon see!’

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Cameron Moon