Mayor of the West Midlands

Monday, 27th March 2017

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Voting: Thursday 4th May


Andy Street (Conservative Party)

Andy Street Conservative candidate 2nd photo

•    I gave up my job running John Lewis to stand as Mayor of the West Midlands because I believe this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for our great region.
•    At John Lewis, I helped generate jobs and investment across the country, including here in the West Midlands – and as your Mayor, I would use the skills I learnt in business to help create jobs and opportunities for your family and everyone in our area.
•    Having led the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership, I know how to get local politicians, businesses and councils to work together on large projects to benefit our community and grow our economy.
•    I pledge to include a plan to build 25 thousand new houses, eradicate youth unemployment and reduce crowding on public transport.
•    And if elected Mayor, I’ll use my experience of getting things done in our region to deliver the investment, jobs, housing, safer streets and transport network your family deserve – and build a West Midlands that works for everybody.

Beverley Neilson (Lib Dem Party)

Beverley Neilsen Lib Dem candidate

•    I am passionate about our region. I believe we are the heartland of UK makers and creators, with a goldmine of young talent. I want to use my 30 years’ working experience to fight for our region.
•    I’m not a career politician. I’m primarily a business woman and educator. I’ve been very lucky in my career to have great opportunity and be right at the heart of change. I want to make sure that our region and our young people also have opportunity and the kind of lift-up that can change lives. I want to make the West Midlands one of the best places in the UK to live, work and thrive.
•    My record is one of navigating and embracing change. We are on the cusp of a period of massive upheaval as the complex and confusing Brexit process gets underway. We face more cuts and uncertainty but also opportunity. I want to be the mayor that unites us and takes our region forward into a future made by us, for us.

Graham Stevenson (Communist Party)

Graham Stevenson Communist Party candidate

•    Originally from Coventry, he was for many decades a senior official of the Transport & General Workers Union and its successor, Unite the Union, covering the transport industries at a national and international level. He is a former President of the European Transport Workers Federation (ETF) and is currently National Trade Union Organiser for the Communist Party of Britain and a member of its Executive Committee and Political Committee.
•    His policies include nationalising the M6 toll motorway and introducing a living wage of £10 an hour.

James Burn (Green Party)

James Burn Green Party candidate

I am a social worker, owner of a small business and an elected councillor. I have lived in South Birmingham for 14 years. I want to be a mayor who helps create a West Midlands where:
•    Power is used together with ordinary citizens, not wielded over them.
•    1 in 3 children aren’t in poverty and whole communities aren’t left behind.
•    Our climate reality and sustainability is taken seriously.
•    We nurture small businesses and distinctive local high streets.
•    All our most excluded people are treated as honoured and valuable citizens and welcomed into the heart of society.

Muhammad Nadeem (Independent)

Muhammad Nadeem Independent candidate

Let’s get away from issues we have no real influence on: let’s clean the vice in our communities, give prosperity and create wealth that is self-creating, give food to those with none, make our green areas abundant with organic food, clamp down on wastage of funds, make travel easier, cheaper and safer; make strong alliances nationally and internationally that will help us build micro-prosperity to feed into a macro financial level with strong backers for the future, help those oppressed by injustice and create solid financial structures to help people get on their own feet, to help the sick and infirmed and to give opportunities for young people. Let’s begin this journey with first things first: it begins with US.

Pete Durnell (UKIP)

Pete Durnell UKIP candidate

The West Midlands has a proud history, particularly in the field of manufacturing. I passionately believe the region can have an equally proud and successful future.

But we also have a lot of problems to fix, with respect to:

•    Transport: Prioritise improvements to benefit local businesses, improve traffic flows in towns and oppose HS2.
•    Housing: refurbish empty houses, convert empty shops and offices into affordable housing, using brownfield sites.
•    Making sure young people leave education with the skills that local employers need.
•    Homelessness: Provide help to those on streets due to mental illness/drug dependency.
•    I want to be a Peoples mayor, engaging with people from all backgrounds and all ages. Planning, problem solving, fighting for new investment, battling to halt funding cuts, working morning, noon and night to improve the lives of everyone who lives and works here.

Sion Simon (Labour Party)

Siôn Simon Labour candidate

•    The collective geniuses of the West Midlands are game-changers – global and historic leaders. We should celebrate this more. As Mayor, I will champion our region. If we were a nation, we’d be the 58th biggest country in the world.
•    I will work with the Police and Crime Commissioner to deliver a £1 million fund to deal with drugs and gangs. It will be the job of the Drugs and Gangs Taskforce to provide activities that prevent young people at risk of falling into crime from getting involved in drugs, gangs and violence.
•    We’ve got so much to be proud of. But we need to restore our pride and place as the great engine of business, jobs and opportunity at the heart of England. If I am elected West Midlands Mayor, that will be my guiding purpose.