Theatre: ‘The Virgin Marias’

Wednesday, 29th March 2017

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The Virgin Marias (Credit Charles Flint Photography)
The Virgin Marias (Credit Charles Flint Photography)

Crescent Theatre, 4th March

Moseleyite Nathalie Bazan established the Lying Lips Theatre Company after her graduation from the Birmingham School of Acting in 2014. Her latest production, The Virgin Marias, tells the true story of sisters. Maria De-Jesus and Delfina Gonzalez, from a high religious but abusive family who ran a brothel in 1950’s Mexico.  They subsequently murdered 92 prostitutes and 12 men.

Bazan drew on her love of European theatre, using an experimental, physical, visual style to tell this shocking story. There is very little information about the sister serial killers, so the action is set in a timeless hell. The audience was warned the evening contained scenes of a sexual and violent nature. Rape and murder were effectively portrayed through the medium of modern dance.

Bazan strives to find beauty in everything. The cast wore erotic but inoffensive costumes, giving the production a kind of ‘Little Mix video directed by Pasolini’ vibe. It was a unique, original and spirited theatrical experience, much enjoyed and appreciated by the audience.