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Sunday, 2nd April 2017

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Moseley Beer Company Logo
Moseley Beer Company Logo

The Moseley Beer Company proudly proclaim that their quality craft ale is brewed and bottled in the finest suburb in the whole of South Birmingham, so we’re off to a good start.

It’s a family business, a microbrewery run by four creative cousins whose identical twin mothers married men who were keen home brewers.  They share a deep passion for beer from around the world and given their Irish heritage, a love dark beers, especially Guinness.

Paul McNally, a science fiction painter and graphic designer, now running company sales, remembers his father teaching him how the fermentation process worked. Paul is also a keen cider lover and created the press they used to make some experimental cider.

Matt Murtagh, photographer and tutor is the head brewer and came up with all the best recipes. He and his cousin started home brewing in brother Chris’s garage in St Agnes Rd. They produced 40-50 different beers just for pleasure for family consumption. Chris Murtagh, painter and digital artist who designs all the company artwork after his day job in banking, persuaded Matt to turn their hobby into a business. The youngest cousin Pete Murtagh is a freelance audio engineer and a drum and bass music producer who often plays in Birmingham clubs.

They won an award at the Moseley and Kings Heath Round Table Beer Festival.  Chris used his professional skills to steer them through challenges of starting a business and the microbrewery company with its three directors was set up in 2014. They acquired brewery premises in George Street Balsall Heath and started to develop their core range of beers.

Paul McNally believes that their creativeness influences the creative processes in making their great tasting beer.

“We love all the beers from all the countries, so our beers draw influences from around the world from American Style IPA’s to the subtle flavours of a British bitter, from historic or archaeological brews to never before seen brewing innovations.

Our beers are unpasteurised and suitable for vegans, except for the Mariana which contains honey which is vital to stay true to the fine Victorian recipe it is based on. Also, with colony collapse disorder and crop pollination, we need the bees.”

True Moseleyites will appreciate the fact that this is Moseley honey from Moseley hives.

Their current range of beers includes:

Moseley Pale Ale (5%) The finest Maris Otter malted barley combined with the best hops, American, British, New Zealand,  Japanese hops, lots of hops. This is the beer of no set recipe, forever changing, forever unique, always a bold explosion of fruit flavours and brash bitterness. Best drunk with a Sparkbrook Balti.

Mariana Porter - The Moseley Beer CompanyMariana Porter (8%) A dark and roasty porter with a sweet honey kick, based on a Victorian recipe. Layers of flavour reveal themselves as you descend to the murky depths of your pint. A gnarly old beer. Brewed with traditional English brown malt and Fuggles hops. Tastes of whiskey, honey and crusty brown bread. Best drunk on autumnal evenings, with strong cheeses or barbecued food. Great for dipping malted milk biscuits.

Sightseer Wheat Beer (4.5%) A beer midway between a German Wit-Bier and an American IPA. Bright and hoppy, light and refreshing, perfect for sunny days and long summer evenings. Wheat malt for a mighty head and a large dose of American hops for a lovely citrus aftertaste. Tastes of peach, mango and Sugar Puffs. Best drunk on a long summer Sunday afternoon, cricket watching optional. Pairs well with salads, roast chicken and fish.

Iron Man Stout (9%) Looming over blasted ramshackle chasms of post industrial brick, behold The Iron Man, Is he alive or is he dead? Has he thoughts within his head? This is the ultimate Imperial Stout, a thick oily beer as black as the void within his iron shell. Tastes of coffee, Hamlet cigars, iron oxide and Black Jacks. Best drunk staring across a field of your vanquished foes.
You can sample these rare delights at Drinksville, Woodbridge Rd, Cherry Reds, York Rd, Kings Heath and John Bright St. and Stirchley Wines and Spirits.

Written on St Patricks Day, Cheers!

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