A Moseley Artist: Naziah Angel

Monday, 3rd April 2017

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Angel Arts landscape
Angel Arts landscape

Naziah Angel is a fascinating young professional artist, creating an innovative new style of “Terracosmic” art.

Self-employed under the name of ‘Angel Arts’, Angel (as she prefers to be known) is a qualified arts facilitator who has been working with schools and on bespoke projects for 15 years. Frequently called upon as a teacher and workshop demonstrator for the kids; Angel also works with adults who have special needs. Her experience means she can bring a breadth of knowledge and variety to community events and organisations, along with making a notable contribution to the national curriculum in schools, Angel is currently employed as Art Tutor and Regional Coordinator for: www.lifewithart.co.uk along with her involvement with Moderna Arts’ pop-up galleries.

Over the time I’ve known Angel, I’ve seen her demonstrate talent in a variety of different artistic styles, such is her diversity, sometimes working on the more traditional beauty of a tranquil landscape.

On other occasions capturing the wild, untamed beauty of a horse with the look of freedom in its eyes.

She is also adept at portraits and works on commissions using not only canvas but, among others, wood adding a depth of complexity to the finished result with the colourful paint contrasting with the natural pattern of the wood grain.

One of the features that I think sets Angel’s art onto another level is her ability to not only capture the spirit of her subjects but also to bring about a multi-layered way of conveying and hence experiencing the art.

I went along to the opening night of her latest exhibition on Saturday 11 March, which is currently running at Osmond House, 78 Alcester Road, Moseley.

Set in one of the grand old Victorian buildings, directly opposite the Tipu Sultan restaurant, the exhibition is being housed in what would probably have been the guest sitting room at the front.

The art could all be viewed by standing at the centre of the room and spinning around, although this was impossible on the opening night, due to constant flow of visitors. The room was lit, initially, with standard electric lights. Immediately one is drawn into the atmospheric otherworldliness of the beautiful forest scenes on one wall and a large space nebula on another. The swirling colours draw you deeply into an evocative story-like sense of possibility.

Then the magic happens – the electric lights are lowered and ultraviolet light floods the room, producing a compelling vision as the UV sensitive paint comes to life, revealing a layer of vivid colour not perceivable in ordinary light. It’s like being propelled into a magical wood or being catapulted into a cinematic vision of an orbiting nebular.

I immediately wished I was in an entire room of the space scene paintings, with some hypnotic background music. I know at some point a nightclub will base their whole theme on this art style, I just hope it’s Angel Arts that is commissioned to paint it and not somebody copying her wonderfully unique style.

As a part of the opening we had the great pleasure of Colette Di Giovanni performing a few of her excellent songs, the echo on the amp enhancing her already angelic tones, with her starting number ‘Angel’ as a tribute to her friend. Her ethereal talent matched the mystical backdrop beautifully.

This was followed by Steve Ison and Dean Camps, half of the band ADHD (see their Facebook page for forthcoming events). Despite the acoustic performance they delivered in their usual upbeat, punchy, rock-a-punk style, their catchy songs immediately winning over the audience. Consummate professionals as they are; Dean’s lively ‘born to be on a stage’ frontman persona is practically impossible to photograph in low light; such is the dynamism of his delivery. Steve Ison himself is long-known as one of the top songwriters in the area, with many of the Moseley landmarks featuring in his fabulous videos (available to view under ‘Steve Ison’ on YouTube).

Angel Arts’ exhibition at Osmond House runs until mid-June 2017. Although those who wish to purchase may find that most of the paintings have sold, commissions are available.

Angel’s work can also be commissioned for bespoke mural work, theatre backdrops and community arts projects. More information and her contact details can be found at angel-arts.co.uk

Angel arts wood scene Angel Arts portrait on wood Angel arts portrait - credit Joelle Angel Arts landscape Angel Arts horse