Launch of Moseley & Kings Heath Car Club

Sunday, 9th April 2017

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Moseley & Kings Heath Co-Wheels Club Car
Moseley & Kings Heath Co-Wheels Club Car

Live in Moseley but don’t want to pay out loads for a car?
Like driving new cars but can’t afford one?
Believe we should start to ‘share cars’ to cut pollution?

You can now join this car club to drive cars being charged by the day or by the hour.  The Co-Wheels Car Club was successfully launched by Sandra Green and Clare Seddougui at All Saints Centre last month for Moseley, Kings Heath and Balsall Heath. This extends their successful operation in Bournville and Stirchley. The new cars are white with the Co-Wheels logo.

Car clubs are normal in many cities, but Co-Wheels is a Community Interest Company (i.e. not-for-profit), and is the only car club in Birmingham. It particularly suits people who drive, but not every day, and want to share the costs of running a car with the club, which maintains and insures the vehicles. “You only pay for the time used and distance travelled – for as little as half an hour. … with none of the hassles and shackles of owning a car”.

Each car replaces the equivalent of 12 privately-owned cars, so there are efficiencies and real savings, for example in terms of car parking – and it saves on air pollution too! It looks good: check out these facts.

•    One off membership fee of just £25
•    Pay-as-you go from only £4.50 per hour
•    Only low emission, hybrid and electric cars are used
•    Fuel, insurance, breakdown cover & 24hr helpline included
•    Cars available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
•    Book one minute before your trip or 12 months in advance.

The more people who want to join, the more cars can be deployed. So far, they are in the following places:

•    2 Toyota Aygos and a Ford CMAX 7-seater at Ribblesdale Road, Stirchley.
•    2 Toyota Aygos and VW Passat Estate at Franklin Road/ Cotteridge Park, Cotteridge.
•    Nissan all-electric Leaf at Sycamore Road, Bournville.
•    2 Toyota Aygos at Hazelhurst Road, Kings Heath.
•    Toyota Yaris Hybrid at 6 Leasowes Road, Kings Heath. B14 7AU (members’ driveway)
•    Toyota Yaris Hybrid at Ashrammoseley, 106 Alcester Road, Moseley. B13 8EF
•    Toyota Aygo at Balsall Heath Academy for Social Enterprise, 4 St. Paul’s Road, Balsall Heath. B12 8NG

If you wish to register or have any questions, contact the co-ordinators via the website at or phone 0121 288 4882