New gastronomical food tour launched by Moseley resident Rhiannon Simpson

Friday, 14th April 2017

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Food Tour egg juggler (Credit: Andy Pilsbury)
Food Tour egg juggler (Credit: Andy Pilsbury)

The first Saturday of the month just got all the more thrilling for locals and tourists alike who are in pursuit of food heaven. Avid foodie and proud Birmingham dweller Rhiannon will walk groups through the city’s past, present and future through tastes from local and independent businesses.

What led you to set up this new food tour?

Well, I have been a keen foodie for years in the shape of a cook, diner and gardener but it was last year that really got the mind ticking. A curious traveller, I was fortunate enough to spend Christmas in Rome and was delighted with the gift of a food tour ticket.

I love walking tours to get to know a city and through the medium of food was even more delicious. My cobbled adventures and tastes of Rome had me thinking about all Birmingham has in its wealth of cuisines and cultures. I was keen to recreate a tour, celebrating all the city has to offer and as I began to research its history through food, it became all the more enchanting. I knew it would be a chance to help sing the delights of the independents we have too.

What can guests expect on the tour?

The classic tour is city centre based and begins in Brindley Place, lasting the afternoon. Taste Birmingham’s culinary landscape and learn about the city’s culture and heritage. Sample offerings from the very best of Birmingham’s local independent restaurants, cafes and street food – from classic British to exotic. Think of the tour as a lazy, grazing lunch with tales and fun along the way.

What is in the pipeline for Birmingham’s foodie future?

There are so many intriguing new food venues popping up in both the city centre and suburbs. I think there will be a real shift to more varied vegetarian and vegan options, plus a conscious look at food waste options. I think there is certainly scope for more Michelin stars being added to our Birmingham belt too. This is all thrilling for such a vibrant city and will keep me busy on the tour too! Watch this space for a Moseley tour soon!

Next tours – Sat 8 April & Sat 6 May

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