Council to rule on cashpoint/phone box

Sunday, 14th May 2017

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Cashpoint Alcester Road
Cashpoint Alcester Road

Planning permission is being sought for Moseley’s controversial “cashpoint in a phone box” – several weeks after the combined ATM and payphone appeared outside the One Trick Pony Club on Alcester Road. The application to the council’s planning committee seems likely to face fierce local opposition.

Speaking for the Moseley Society, Fiona Adams was severely critical about several aspects of the proposed development including its appearance and possible vulnerability.

“We think that the plastic design is an unwelcome and incompatible object that looks as though it has landed in the centre of Moseley Conservation Area from a different planet.

“If we were to have a free standing ATM (cashpoint) somewhere […] it should be placed in a location where staff and users would not be so vulnerable from criminals in vehicles. We know that in some areas the classic K6 red phone boxes have been converted into free-standing ATMs and we think such a design would be compatible with the Conservation Area – but not in this location. We hope this application will be refused and that the plastic kiosk will lift off back to the planet whence it came.”

In our March issue a spokesperson for Cashzone emphasised the convenience of the new installation: “At Cashzone, we join forces with banks, local communities and businesses to preserve people’s access to cash. The machine ensures a 24-hour cash service, which means that residents can rely on having access to their money whenever they need to.”

A public consultation on the proposal ended on April 20. Newshound will update you as soon as further information is available.