Special police team to tackle local car-jackings

Sunday, 14th May 2017

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A dedicated team of police officers has been set up to tackle the worrying spate of local car-jackings, including several in Moseley.

The most high profile recent incident took place in Chantry Road on March 27 where a woman had a knife held to her neck and her car stolen. The incident took place at 09.45 am near St Columba Church. Police enquiries are continuing but no arrests had been made as we went to press.

There have been several other incidents – one in Highbury Park where an elderly man was the victim. Three young men were arrested shortly afterwards and the victim’s car was also recovered.  An attempted carjacking took place on March 27 in Moor Green Lane where a young woman narrowly avoided her car being stolen. The young woman was brave enough to share her account of the incident.

“At about 9.05 pm, I was turning into Moor Green Lane by Highbury Park. Three hooded men/boys tried to stop/slow my car. I was on my own and it was dark so I sped up to drive past them. As I sped up, one of them threw a brick right at my windscreen. I’ve told the police. I’m fine and a car can be fixed.”

She had this advice for local motorists: “Be vigilant, lock your car doors and be wary of stopping”.  West Midlands Police say: “If anyone has any information on any of these offences please call 101 or contact your local police. Please be alert and consider your surroundings and vehicle security when alone.”