Circus Mash: Aaron Twitchen

Friday, 15th September 2017

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Aaron Twitchen credit Rosie Pocklington
Aaron Twitchen credit Rosie Pocklington

I have missed the quirky variety acts that flourished at the height of the alternative comedy scene, and I am relieved to find help is at hand; Birmingham comedian Aaron Twitchen’s new Edinburgh Show takes comedy away from tax dodgers playing huge arenas and back to fun and creativity. ‘Curtain Twitchen’ combines skilled aerial rope work with accomplished stand-up.
Circus Mash in Kings Heath, a cauldron of Big Top talent in our area, hosted this unique event. The guests were greeted with Prosecco and the services of a face glitter artist – I experienced an epiphany. Glitter kicks the butt of every anti-ageing treatment known to Lulu. Puffy eyes and wrinkles are hidden by sparkly stuff on sale in Poundland.  The bedazzled  beardies in the audience paid rather  fetching tribute to Roy Wood.

Arron was resplendent in an array of  fabulous costumes, each one smaller than a Love Island bikini, created by Louise Snook and Wink Designs. He freely admits that his political journal of choice is Heat Magazine, and eschews subject matter such as  North Korea or Brexit, in favour of social media, success porn and friendship.  In these dark times, I find this approach sensitive rather than superficial.

Twitchen ate chocolate, drank wine and made us laugh whilst performing aerobatics twenty feet above our heads. In the finale, he expressed the heartache of broken friendship, landing deftly as he mocked his own grief. Aaron Twitchen has reached an exciting stage in his career. Find him at the Edinburgh Fringe every day of the festival at C Venues South.