A Moseley Minute with Aman & Rosie

Wednesday, 14th March 2018

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Aman and Rosie
Aman and Rosie


How long have you run the Village News? Since 2003.

Why are you leaving us? We’re very tired, having to wake up at 4.30am every morning seven days a week with just one day off, Christmas day! Running a Newsagent business is very tough. We looking to having a few months off including a long, long holiday – our first since 2002 (the smile on Aman’s face grows even bigger at that thought). At last we’ll be able to visit relatives back in Kashmir and the Punjab.

What will you be doing next – as you’re not actually ‘retiring’, are you? We’ve planned this move for several years. Two years ago, I (Aman) took exams to become a qualified Independent Mortgage Advisor, and after our time off I’m hoping to set up my own business. Initially however, I’ll be in the shop for a short time helping the new owners to settle in and to show them the ropes – so we’re expecting the transition to be seamless.

What made you come to Moseley? We were looking to run a business in a nice area and within easy reach of where we live. (They live outside of Moseley in South Birmingham). We’d seen several in other areas and knew nothing about Moseley but as soon as we saw this area we felt it was different.

What makes it so different? The people! The community is special and very strong – people seek to get together. Unlike any other place we know, Moseley people make an effort to interact and to get to know each other. There are so many groups and forums that create unity and are like glue to the community. We’ve told the couple taking over from us that Moseley is completely different from any other place they might have been to.

What do you particularly like about Moseley? The fact that there are so many different types of people from different professions and none, who live side by side and accepting people as they are. There’s a higher tolerance level here than any other place we know of in Birmingham. It’s a happy place (despite its problems)!

So, what do you actually dislike? The growing number of people begging where it’s becoming a business. Although Moseley people are very kind-hearted, they shouldn’t be giving cash. They should use the Moseley Alternative Giving Scheme. (Google this and you’ll find the site to give money: https://mydonate.bt.com/charities/moseleyalternativegivingcampaign )

What would you change in Moseley? We’d like to see a more balanced and mixed retail business structure, it doesn’t have to be independent shops. The problem is the high business rate that puts off independents. The City Council needto do more and offer a higher rates relief for those wanting to start a new business. We need to encourage new or young entrepreneurs like Lewis’s, Indigo etc.

If you could have dinner with anyone you like who is living who would it be and why? We’d like to have dinner with Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner – or Sting for short (!). We’re great fans of his and he used to be a bus conductor, building labourer, tax officer and teacher before becoming a singer and writer so he’s led a fascinating life.

Do you prefer cats or dogs and why? Dogs, dogs and dogs any day – I’ve had three. But cats? Never – there’s something uuurrggh about them!

We’ll miss you Aman and Rosie – thank you for all you’ve given to Moseley and for your contagious beautiful smiles and gentle spirits.