Graphics, Adverts and Images must be or over 300dpi (dots per inch).
Do not upscale, enhance or colour correct.
Avoid mobile phone images where others are available.
Do not watermark the images.
Seek permission from the photographer before sending images.
Do not alter the images without consent of the photographer.
Do not alter the images for the purpose of changing its original purpose.

Image Titles

Please label files in order of importance to the article. For example:

Photo NumberTitleRelevant NamesPerson taking the photo

001John Doe planting flowers in his garden(l-r) John Doe, Jane Doe – Credit: Janet Doe.jpg”
002John at the wedding(l-r) Peter Piper, John Doe – Credit: Janet Doe.jpg”
003Johns Car on his drive – Credit: Janet Doe.jpg” – Assuming there are no people in the photo!

If you have any issues with these standards, please email for clarification.