Write for us

Are you an aspiring writer? Would you like to join our team of volunteers and get involved in the Moseley community?

Being part of Moseley B13 Magazine will help you get to know the inner workings of a community that prides itself on its politics, history, arts, music, events and culture, that is known across the city as ‘the place to be’.

Being a writer will give you an intimate knowledge of who’s who, contacts in community groups, fore-knowledge of upcoming important changes, power over your enemies in hand-to-hand combat, and the freedom to research areas of interest to you.

Does this sound like an interesting opportunity? One worth listing on your CV? Or even fill some free time? Then you can drop an email over to editor@moseleyb13.com.

Not convinced? One of the team will be happy to walk you through how each issue is put together.


Not much! There is one one meeting on the Wednesday after the publication date where you can present/discuss any ideas and take on articles. From that point your time is your own to work on it as you please. If you need help delivering then the rest of the team can provide support via email or a private Facebook group. And of course access to events, and reasonable expenses will be paid.